1. How do I purchase my grocery?

Select the location you are at, and the schedule will be displayed. After you have placed the order and made the payment online, you will receive your goods at the designated area in your neighbourhood based on the schedule displayed on the website. Alternatively, you may follow our Facebook Page and Instagram to find out our daily schedule and be there to shop at the truck.

2. Are all the products halal?

Yes. We have all halal certification. You may request from our customer service for further clarification.

3. How fresh are the products?

Vegetables are freshly picked every day from the farm. Seafood is delivered to us fresh every 2 days. Fresh chicken is slaughtered every 2 days. Our local fruits are collected every day.

4. What kind of payment methods are accepted?

We accept online transfer, e-wallet, credit card, debit card, and FPX payment.

5. Is cash payment accepted?

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash payment.

6. What if I need certain goods that are not available on the truck and website?

Please send us your inquiries at or contact us via Facebook Page or WhatsApp to request the items that you wish to have.

7. If I placed my order online today, when can I receive my goods?

First, you need to refer to the daily schedule at to find out the time we will be in. Second, if tomorrow we are heading to your location and you want to get your groceries the next day, you need to make an online purchase today before 12 noon.

8. Can I purchase my goods, after I’ve placed my order online?

Place your order again via Both of the orders will be combined and delivered at the same time.

9. What should I do if the goods delivered are damaged?

For all the purchases from the truck, please take a photo of the receipt as a proof and damaged goods you’ve received on the day or second day and send us at, or via Facebook Page or WhatsApp. For online purchase, please take a photo of the damaged goods you’ve received on the day or second day and send us at, or via Facebook Page or WhatsApp. Our customer service team will contact you within 24 hours from Monday to Friday at 9:00am to 6:00pm. Once the complaint is resolved, we will process the refund within a week. Our customer service will contact you for bank or credit card details for refund purposes.

10. Can I file a complaint after my goods are received?

All the order complaints will not be entertained after 2 days of the receiving date. Please contact us either the same day of the delivery or the second day after delivery to complain about the goods. For example, if the goods are received on the 1st day, the complaint made on the 3rd day will not be entertained.

11. I’m not happy with the service provided by the personnel. How do I make a complaint?

Please send us your complaint at or via Facebook Page or WhatsApp. We will respond to your complaint within a day.