1.1 You are required to contact us through email or reach us at our hotline, 012-6642062 within twenty-four (24)  hours should there be request of refund, return of products, discrepancies or any other dissatisfaction of products received (collectively refer to as “Feedback”). We will review your Feedback and to revert to you our decision to either refund, re-deliver the Order, to reject your request or such other recommendation by us within 14 business days from the date we receive your abovementioned request.

1.2 Please note that refund and/or re-deliver of Order may only allow for the following situations and strictly subject to our sole discretion and further terms and condition which we may impose from time to time and on case-to-case basis:

(a) product is not received; or

(b) defective and/or damage product delivered; or

(c) product delivered is materially different from the specification in the Display Info or product delivered in incorrect quantity; or

(d) cancellation of Order by us due to product not available or due to any other reason beyond our control; or

(e) cancellation of Order by you that we have expressly allowed.

1.3 We reserve the rights to request evidence without limitation to photo evidence from you upon we received your Feedback and we may send our representative to verify the same, if necessary.

1.4 We reserve the rights to updates and/or amend the list of products which are non-refundable.

1.5 In event of return of product, you are required to ensure that the product, including any complimentary items such as accessories delivered together with the product, must be returned to us in the condition received by you on delivery. We highly recommend you to take a photo of the product upon receipt. For the avoidance of doubt, if the return of product are due to your request in the absence of any fault of our or the seller part, the relevant transportation fees shall be borne by you unless otherwise stipulated by us.